Name: Muru Moko
Age: 29
Kingdom: Unknown
Magical Preference: Storm

Muru Moko was named for the light and dark spirits within him, he is infamous for his ability to control mists, lightning and storms. Muru Moko however, was consumed with the desire for power. He planned to release the Dragons and claim the title of "Dragon Master", ruler of the dragons and Now he champions his own cause; to unite the Dragon Tomes, gain dominion over all Dragon Kin and proclaim himself "Dragon Master" and Emperor of Serengania.

Kullwraith, Dragon Lord of Storm
With wings of raw lightning, Kullwraith is fast and temperamental, switching from extreme calm to fury and rage in seconds. The power of the storm makes Kullwraith the fastest of all the Dragon Lords and the speed of lightning makes the Storm Lord a difficult enemy to fight.