Name: Jen Comu
Age: 25
Kingdom: Serengania
Magical Preference: Ice

Gifted with Ice magic, Jen Comu was raised in Serengania as a Priestess of the Dragons. Tattooed with ritual dragon emblems Jen was raised to a life of discipline and dragon worship. As champion of Serengania, Jen was instructed to deliver control of all dragons to the Emperor. However, Jen believes that the dragons should be free to rule Nakiha. Now, as a wild and untamed dragon priestess following her own path, she intends to unite the Tomes to free the dragons!

Susinuo, Dragon Lord of Water
The Dragon Lord of Water is the master of the oceans. Turquoise in colour, Susinuo has evolved a large blade like tail and webbed talons. Blessed with four wings and a long flexible body Susinuo is fast and agile.