In the magical fantasy world of Nakiha mankind has unwittingly returned the Dragon Lords! Unga the mighty Dragon Lord of the Earth, Kullwraith the wild Dragon Lord of Storm, Susinuo the irresistible Dragon Lord of Water and Pyrozian the ferocious Dragon Lord of Fire have been set loose upon the world of men.
Game Play
Choose your Champion and Dragon Lord. Unleash the awesome magic of earth, storm, fire and water and might of your Dragon Lord to defeat the rival Champions their Dragons in explosive magical battles and amazing dragon combat. Mix spells to unleash their incredible effects. Turn your opponents own magic against them by blasting spells into those of the enemy and transforming the nature of their magic. Master the unique Wii motion sensing controls to fly your Dragon Lord and battle your way to victory. Unite the Dragon Tomes and determine the future of Nakiha, as Dragon Master Spell Caster!